The Stylish Atlas 180 Pasta Machine Review

Chefs, home cooks, and entrepreneurs are always scouting the market to find the best pasta machine a company can offer. They look at the variations in style, as well as its popularity, to make sure that the quality is top class to avoid disappointment. An important aspect to think about is the fact that buyers are not only interested in finding the right kind of pasta machine, but they also want to make sure that it is efficient as well as reliable.

Practicality is another important aspect to a buyer’s choice therefore the pasta machine must not only exceed their expectations in terms of quality, it must also fit the price range. Because of this, it is essential for manufacturers to be very particular in their products ensuring that they use the right kind of materials in order to fulfill the customer’s needs. For people who are interested in manual pasta machines, the atlas 180 pasta machine is one of the top products circulating the market today.

Marcato Atlas 180mm Pasta Machine VS the atlas 150 pasta maker

The atlas 180 Pasta Machine is an upgrade from the marcato atlas 150 pasta maker, there is no significant difference between the two pasta machines although the atlas pasta machine 180 is much wider. This model is so efficient because it gives the user about seven more inches than the model before it. Because of this new feature, you can make more pasta in less time. For people who are always on the run, or busy at work but want the luxury to be able to make homemade pasta, the atlas 180 Pasta Machine is definitely the best pasta machine for you.

One of the reasons pasta makers value the atlas 180 Pasta Machine so much is that it is very sturdy. It is made of heavy duty chrome steel as well as having an adjustable dial that allows you to control the thickness of the pasta. This pasta machine comes with a dual cutter that can be used for both spaghetti and fettuccine.

The atlas 180 pasta machine is newly designed featuring the “wellness” rollers which are made from a very special type of light alloy. For people who are particular with cleanliness, this machine is very easy to clean and will not leave filtrates on the pastry, nor will it change when it comes in contact with water.

Some disadvantages include the pasta machine’s manual aspects as well as the fact that additional cutters are not available for this model. Although the atlas 180 Pasta Machine is  manual, it does not eliminate the freshness and quality of the pasta.

In contrary, because this atlas pasta maker is manual, it allows for more control over the pasta made. The limitations of this pasta machine are very insignificant especially for people who only want to use the machine to produce spaghetti or fettuccine. Buyers are able to save money because they won’t have to buy a larger pasta machine that has too many uses which will not be used.


Atlas Pasta Machine 180-Millimeter with Motor Set is available on Amazon through this link.

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