Marcato Atlas 150

when it comes to making pasta at home you need a top quality pasta maker.  For any one that has tried to make their own pasta and failed, you will understand just how tricky it can be.  Having used many different pasta makers myself, I can tell you that a quality machine is a must have.  There is nothing more satisfying than making fresh, healthy pasta yourself.  Silky fresh pasta that tastes amazing and has an authentic taste you just don’t get from dried shop brought pasta.

But finding a pasta maker of great quality that is easy to use in your own kitchen can be just as tricky. The quality of your pasta is directly affected by the quality of the machine that you use. The Marcato Atlas 150 is heads above the rest on the market, and this quality is reflected in the pasta that you make.  The quality is evident from the moment you remove it from the box.  Its heavy duty chrome plated steel body has a stylish yet professional feel and look to it.  This is a machine of durability and of ease.  It comes with an easy to fit clamp so that it is sturdily fixed to the counter top.

Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker is very easy to use and assemble

The easy adjustable dial regulates the thickness of the pasta you make.  You have 9 positions for thickness, between 0.33mm and 2.5mm. Rolling pasta by hand is one of the hardest tasks in Italian cooking.  You have to have it evenly rolled, and to the perfect thickness for the pasta you are making. The atlas 150 makes rolling the perfect pasta that is even in thickness and cooks to the quality you would expect from an authentic Italian restaurant.  Serving pasta this great to guests is a joy, and many won’t believe you when you tell them its home made

Once you have one of these in your kitchen, you will want to be making pasta all the time.  Making the perfect pasta is now easier than ever before.  Add your favourite sauce and you have a great, healthy meal for the family that is free from unnecessary ingredients you find in dried shop bought pasta. You will always cook with the tastiest, healthiest home made pasta.  You will become accustomed to this high quality taste, and will never go back to the cheap dried stuff you use to buy.

One of the greatest features of this pasta maker is the additional attachable blades you can buy for making spaghetti, linguini and ravioli.  These are easy to fit and easy to use.  You can be making authentic Italian style spaghetti in your own kitchen.  Easy to make, easy to cook.  Life couldn’t be any easier when making any type of pasta. You will surprise yourself with the kind of cooking you will be able to make with this machine.  Never would you have thought that you could make pasta this perfect in taste, texture and thickness.

The worst part of any meal is of course the cleaning up.  Well, you will have no worries with the Atlas 150.  It is one of the easiest appliances in the kitchen to clean.  You won’t find yourself deciding not to make pasta because of the mess afterwards.  It’s as simple to clean as it is to actually roll the pasta in the first place.

The only problem I have found with the Atlas 150 is that if your pasta dough is too moist, it will stick to the rollers and not roll out properly.  This also makes it harder to clean.  The best way to avoid this is to mix the dough properly.  If it is at the right consistency then you will have no problem.

I guarantee that you will not find a pasta maker that beats the quality and durability of the Atlas 150.