Commercial Pasta Extruder FMA TR95

You can never have too many pasta makers in this world because naturally, we crave for new models, with better designs that can help improve our love for pasta. For all those pasta fanatics out there, the commercial pasta extruder FMA TR95 is at your service. The mother of all pasta machines in the market, this beauty will not only serve the best, but it will do so in style.

This machine is aimed for commercial and supermarket use however it does not mean it is out of your reach. Its beauty is overpowering and will give new meaning to freshly made pasta in this world we live in. Because it is so new, information is very limited but do not fret as it is at the top of all pasta machines therefore will still give the same quality pasta, if not, better! This beauty is quite large however but because it was manufactured to cater commercially, it is very practical. Made in Italy, this beauty is equipped with motorized cutters as well as a fan cooler for the pasta. It also comes with three cutter dies (N.8, N.21, and N.26) as well as one penne die, one spaghetti die, one combination die, and one flat die. Dies are used in this machine to create different types of pasta. Other dies can be bought separately if the user wants a larger variety.

The commercial pasta extruder FMA TR95 also comes with a thirteen lb tank capacity as well as having a thirty-three lb output per hour.
It is truly an amazing machine built for speed without sacrificing quality.

You might ask who would need such a huge machine, and the answer should be everyone, although restaurant owners would benefit more from this machine more than home users would simply because it is made to be a commercial pasta machine. Because of its built, it would be a more efficient tool in creating fresh pasta every day. It is automatic so it requires very little manpower and maintenance would only pertain to cleaning the machine.

Not only is it efficient, it creates pasta so fast that customers would not have to wait for long. The pasta extruder here will knead and automatically mix pasta dough in a variety of shapes with the use of the different dies. It is so easy to use that all you need to do is put the ingredients and voila, freshly made pasta is at your service. Overall, it is just a much better pasta machine than any other conventional pasta machine whether it is manual or electric.

This machine means business, and it will not disappoint its users as well as the consumers who are lucky enough to try it.
The downside to this pasta machine is that Amazon is currently not selling it but for those who are eager to try this beauty, it is available at It is also a little pricey but first class quality comes with a price and with this machine, it will be worth it!

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