Atlas Pasta Machine Motor Set Review

Home made pasta is a real treat.  It’s fresh and silky and the quality of taste is just amazing.  It’s just so hard to make.  Making the dough is easy, and there are hundreds of recipes out there. But rolling it out to the perfect thickness, or cutting it evenly.  This is clearly the job of a top Italian chef.  Well not any more. The Atlas Pasta Machine is one of the greatest pasta makers on the market.  In terms of price and quality it wins hands down.  This is a quality machine that is sturdy and built to last.  The great design looks sleek Read More

Pasta Presto

The Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta Machine Review

It is amazing how many people are so interested when it comes to cooking but they don’t have the proper materials or machines to make what they want in the kitchen. Although some people try to improvise with different materials, the end result will never be the same because using the right machines to make food not only ensures high quality food it also makes sure that the food comes out the way it is supposed to be. For people who want to venture into experimenting Italian cuisine, the imperia pasta presto electric pasta machine is the best pasta machine available in the market today. Read More


The Imperia R220 Pasta Machine!

People love to spend on products that help them in their everyday lives, because it saves time and effort. There are times when the item purchased is so helpful that we end up using it every day. But what about those items which didn’t serve its purpose? The problem today is that the economic crisis we are all facing has led us to choose products that are not so reliable, products that don’t last too long, products that are basically low in quality for the purpose of saving money. This situation can be understood to be practical for items that can be used at home, Read More

Commercial Pasta Extruder FMA TR95

You can never have too many pasta makers in this world because naturally, we crave for new models, with better designs that can help improve our love for pasta. For all those pasta fanatics out there, the commercial pasta extruder FMA TR95 is at your service. The mother of all pasta machines in the market, this beauty will not only serve the best, but it will do so in style. This machine is aimed for commercial and supermarket use however it does not mean it is out of your reach. Its beauty is overpowering and will give new meaning to freshly made pasta in this Read More


The benefits of an electric pasta machine

The world is changing and more people are throwing out traditional ideas out the window to make room for greater change which not only saves time, but better yet, saves money as well. It’s not a secret that advancement in technology has helped people and companies a lot of time and effort. Imagine working at a pizza joint and having to make about 200 pizza’s a day. If we didn’t have the technology we have today, it would be a total nightmare to manually roll out 200 pieces of dough to serve customers. Talk about time consuming! Imagine the amount of effort it would take Read More