Atlas Pasta Machine Motor Set Review

Home made pasta is a real treat.  It’s fresh and silky and the quality of taste is just amazing.  It’s just so hard to make.  Making the dough is easy, and there are hundreds of recipes out there. But rolling it out to the perfect thickness, or cutting it evenly.  This is clearly the job of a top Italian chef.  Well not any more.

The Atlas Pasta Machine is one of the greatest pasta makers on the market.  In terms of price and quality it wins hands down.  This is a quality machine that is sturdy and built to last.  The great design looks sleek and stylish and will suite most kitchen styles.   It has a heavy duty chrome plated steel body, which adds to the look as well as making it a strong durable machine.  It comes with its own clamp so you can fix to any work surface in your kitchen.

The thickness of your pasta is paramount when it comes to cooking and each style of pasta works best at different sizes.  This machine has an easily adjustable dial that regulates the thickness that the pasta is rolled out to.  It ranges from 0.33mm to 2.5mm.

If you have used a pasta machine in the past, you will know that 3 hands are better than 2.  You have always needed a hand to guide the pasta dough into the machine, a hand to crank the handle to push the dough through, and a hand to catch the perfectly rolled and cut pasta as it comes out.  The magic of this machine with a motor is you only need the 2 hands.  You feed the dough in, and catch it on the way out.  The motor does the rest.   The 100w motor does the hard work, easily and perfectly, leaving you to just watch as your perfect pasta is produced for you. Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a third arm.

Let’s take a look at the atlas motor set features

  • This Set includes the atlas 150 Pasta Machine and Motor
  • No need for brackets or support to the table
  • You get three years warranty on the 100 W Motor
  • Automatic and makes the job easy for one person

The Good

  • The automation function for this pasta maker and motor rivals that of $700 electric pasta machine for less than half the price.
  • This machine is heavy, solid and it is very sturdy
  • Eliminate the need for two people to work the dough as it pushed through the machine

The Bad

  • The motor housing is made of plastic and not metal
Perfect Pasta at Your Finger Tips – The Atlas Pasta Machine with Motor

The speed at which the motor runs is perfect for the working conditions.  It allows you to catch the pasts as comes out and so prevents the pasta falling and loosing its shape.  It doesn’t take long to get your rhythm going with this machine.  Just let the motor do its job, and all you have to do is worry about which sauce to use.  Who would have thought that making pasta at home could be this easy?

Once you have tried this for the first time, and see how easy and tasty home made pasta can be, you will never go back to the dried shop brought pasta again.  Experience the taste of Italy in your own home, with out the hassle you normally get when making pasta fresh.

The machine is hand washable, and really only needs wiping over.  It will be one of the easiest appliances in your kitchen to clean.  Make sure your dough is mixed right; if it’s too wet and sticky then the cleaning will be much harder.  There is no need to wash the motor as it simply powers the machine and doesn’t touch the pasta its self.

This simple to use machine will make you look like a professional pasta chef, and your guests will think you have slaved away to create some thing with such taste and texture.   They couldn’t imagine the fun you had, and most importantly how easy it was.

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