CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta Maker Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, 180-Millimeter Silver with Motor Set Atlas Electric 150-Millimeter Pasta Machine, with Motor Set
Model CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Presto Electric Pasta Maker Atlas Electric Pasta Machine, 180-Millimeter Silver with Motor Set Atlas Electric 150-Millimeter Pasta Machine, with Motor Set
Thickness Level 6 10 9
Roller Width 150mm 180mm 150mm
Weight (pounds) 8 11.5 8
Type Electric Electric Electric

What is the best pasta maker? manual vs. electric

Making pasta with a pasta machine is easy.  But when looking to buy your machine, you have the choice between manual pasta machines and electric or motorized machines.
With the manual, you turn a crank to push the pasta dough through.  With the motor, it does this for you.
Is there a big difference between the two? Let’s compare the two and see what works for you.

Quality of Pasta

We know that the Atlas pasta machines and the Imperia pasta makers produces quality pasta, and this doesn’t change regardless if you cranked it by hand or let the motor do the work.  The motor pushes the pasta through at a very steady pace, which makes it easy to feed the pasta dough in, and catch it at the other end.  With the manual machine you are in control of how fast you push it through.  If you enjoy making pasta as a couple, don’t worry that the motor takes this aspect away.  It’s still just as fun helping some one, and spreading the work. Both ways allows you to get in to a rhythm, both producing pasta of equal quality.

Ease of Use

Using the pasta machine manually is simple; you feed the dough in, turn the handle and then catch it as it comes out.  It can be handy to have some one help you.  Having some one turn the crank or catch the pasta allows you to concentrate on the other tasks.  But, this is a solo job, and so if you don’t have a helping hand you will still manage the machine well.  If you introduce the motor, this does take away the job of turning the crank and so you can make a better job of catching the pasta.  So making pasta with the manual machine is easy, making it with the motorised machine is just easier.  Read the full review of the Atlas Motor Set here.

Manual pasta makers

150mm, 180mm and 220mm, these are the perfect options for cooks who have the time and effort to make authentic and delicious pasta.
These pasta machines may take more skill, but are also less expensive than the electrical and commercial pasta makers.

Professional Results With Electric Pasta Machine

Many people have been praying for technological solutions to their cooking endeavors, a prayer that overtime has been well answered thanks to the many inventions and innovations.

The invention of the electric pasta machine has literally changed the world of pasta making forever, not only that mass production of pasta was made possible but also restaurants and especially the high end restaurants favored electric pasta machines over their manual version.

Two major brand names for high quality electric pasta makers are: Imperia and Marcato.

Imperia and Marcato are well known all over the world.
Therefore, there is no doubt about the quality of their products because they always put first the needs of their customers.

Imagine preparing dough to cook 200 plates of pasta, in terms of the length of time and the man power you would require. That is how efficient this invention is.

Despite improvising different methods or using different materials to cook pasta, the end result can never be similar to that of using an electric pasta machine. It ensures that your food comes out like you want it to and high quality.

In addition, it allows you to vary the thickness of your dough, by simply turning of the thickness setting knob and selecting one from the different thickness knobs. In a few minutes you can stretch your dough from thick to thin

If you want to experiment Italian cuisine, an electric pasta maker is the best pasta machine for you, I highly recommend that you check out our electric pasta makers reviews right here.

Commercial pasta machine

These pasta machines are made with professional chefs in mind. These machines are specifically designed to produce a large amount of pasta in a short amount of time.

Freshly made pasta is probably one of the best ingredients you can have to prepare a truly scrumptious meal. Rather than using ready-made pasta, you should seriously consider making it yourself by using a pasta maker. There are different types and brands available on the market.

Making your own pasta can introduce you to a whole new cooking experience. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a manual, electric, or commercial pasta maker. Regardless of the type you choose, making your own pasta can be more fun and nutritious. You’ll never look at store bought pasta the same.